Reply To: EMG test next week

May 12, 2016 at 1:14 pm

I don’t remember if I was on pain meds at the time I had my EMG, but I know there was no adjustment to my meds before having it. The EMG was not particularly painful, so no pain meds would be needed for that anyway. If you were taking pain meds for other reasons, I doubt there would be any effect on the test. Your neurologist is the one to give advice on such a question, not the laymen in these forums.

I have no experience with “muscle relaxers,” as the disorder causes the muscles to relax anyway. When does one take such a drug? In any case, ask your neurologist.

The EMG is used to assess the degree of axonal damage. That is relevant to expectations for recovery, but as far as I know it will not influence your treatment. May you have a good result and a good recovery!