Reply To: Cidp diagnosis

April 17, 2016 at 12:27 am

Yes. The five-day regimen is called the “loading dose.” The dosage is based on ideal weight for your height. In practice they may use actual weight, but this might be too high for people who are extremely overweight.

After the loading dose, one might go on a “maintenance dose.” This will vary, as it is adjusted based on the response of the patient.

I had no difficulty with IvIg. Others here have reported needing lower infusion rates or using some drug in conjunction with IvIg.

I am unusual in that I had two loading doses and nomaintenance doses. IvIg didn’t seem to do much for me, so my primary treatment was changed to plasma exchange (PE). Five years out, I now take no treatment at all.

Best wishes with your IvIg treatments!