Reply To: Mayo Clinic

April 5, 2016 at 9:56 pm

I did apply for an appointment to Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn some years ago. In response, I was told that although they would accept my case I was placed on a months long waiting list. When the scheduled appointment time arrived I was assigned to Dr. Tracy.

Unfortunately, she was called away for something or other and I was re-assigned to other doctors.

However, I expect your care would be in the best of hands no matter who you were assigned to. There are some doctors at Mayo Clinic Rochester that wrote the neurology textbooks that other doctors study in medical school. I can recall my Primary Physician stating, “I read his textbook in medical school” when referring to a doctor at Mayo.

Other doctors at Mayo Clinic have helped develop the EMG/NCV testing methods and interpreting protocols.

I note you may now call them about appointments or apply on line.

Good luck