Reply To: medical marijuana

March 18, 2016 at 2:30 am

Hey Steve. I am Stephen. I’m going on 9 months out of the hospital and live in California where it is legal, yet people in the industry are in it just for the money. I do use MM as medicine for neuro pain and to take my mind off of the issues at hand. I am rarely taking Gabepentin and i’ll share what i’ve learned so far.

CBD not THC is what has healing apspects of marijuana in it.

CBD heals . THC helps the mind.

That being said, FLOWER has a bit of cbd in each strain. But you need lots of CBD. aim for 8-9% CBD for good healing stuff.

You can find it in SATIVA ( the stuff that gives you energy and crazy trips)
or also in INDICA (stuff that makes you sleepy)

In each strain you will find many healing properties and fun stuff, and some dowsnsides like sativas aren’t for people who have anxiety. But they don’t always work for each person. I stick to Indicas because they dont have as much anxiety.

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