Reply To: How does past GBS affect joint replacement?

February 26, 2016 at 3:11 pm

Dear Marb1,
I had 1 hip replaced in Dec. 2014. I had 1 knee replaced in Nov. 2015. And, I had my other hip replaced in Jan. 2016. Recovering from the hip surgeries has gone fairly well. Although my 2nd hip has taken longer and I experienced more pain than with the first one. My knee recovery has been a lot tougher recovery. I’m still experiencing more pain than my physical therapist feels I should at this point and it stiffens up very quickly after I do any sort of exercising with it. My biggest recommendation to anyone is to make sure you have a REALLY good physical therapist. Mine is very thorough and has lots of experience with joint replacement recovery. He is puzzled with some of my symptoms (primarily the pain) and he suggested I ask the GBS ‘community’ about their experiences with joint replacement. I am age 63.