Reply To: In home infusion

February 20, 2016 at 9:28 pm

I had home IVIg using a PICC line (central catheter). The infusion rate is far faster than using a slow IV line. A Port is another option for an even faster infusion rate, if you can handle faster. The nurse stayed for the whole treatment. I’ve not heard of them leaving after they get things started, I think that would be illegal, at least in California.

An even lower cost in-home treatment would be via SCIg. Many people can give this shot to themselves without the need for any on-site nurse (after the first 1-2 treatments). The fluid is injected under the skin (slowly) and does not go directly into the blood stream. It “leaks” into the blood stream over a longer duration avoiding a too fast infusion rate. You can also go out and about while it is working on you. This approach has many benefits for those that can give themselves (or a spouse, friend, parent) a shot. More info here: