Reply To: Nerve Regeneration Protocol

February 15, 2016 at 2:36 pm

My dad was diagnosed with GBS in January of 2015 and later with cidp after a relapse. He was receiving Ivig treatments every 3 weeks. He had extreme weakness and lack of dexterity in both hands and both legs were weak with the left foot more affected with a nearly fused ankle. Some progress was made after 7 months of treatments but his hand dexterity was still quite compromised and was completely reliant on a walker for mobility. I came across your post and decided to give your b 12 protocol a try. Within a couple of weeks of applying the crushed b 12 and lotion and oil, his overall strength and agility have improved considerably to the point that he is now walking with a cane and can now do up buttons with just the slightest bit of struggle. We have stretched out his IV ig treatments to 4 weeks apart. I don’t know if this was a coincidence or if the b 12 worked but we’ll take this improvement. I apply the concoction at least once a week and rub it over both arms from the elbow down and the hands and both legs from the knee down and over the entire foot. I know many will think this may have happened anyway and it was finally his time to start healing and I cannot prove anything scientifically but we will thank our lucky stars for every inch of recovery from this debilitating disease. Thank u for sharing your findings.