Reply To: Sensory CIDP?

December 30, 2015 at 12:46 pm

Hi Bill:

When I was at Strong (the best teaching hospital in the state) who is managing my care, they said “Eat anything you want.” Then there is Craig No-egg on youtube who is screaming that going vegan is the only way to go.

That was my local neurologist that made that comment. I have another IVIG treatment scheduled and then go back to Strong for another evaluation. Then we’ll see

I have a reduced limit on food, since I had a full esophectomy/gastronomy and that limits a lot of what I can eat.

Sorry if my questions have irritated you. I’m just so alone here…’s nice to have someone to talk with.

BTW….I have had several Nutritional consultants. The had me on Ensure, which is most sugar which I can’t eat.