Reply To: Sensory CIDP?

December 24, 2015 at 3:41 pm

Yes there are other things but … One is plasma pharesis which removes most of the attack cells and it has always worked for me. The problem with it is the connection which is deemed invasive. Since I have had about 8 boughs when only PP was being use I ran out of connection places. I also had two serious infections which were hard to clear up. I had 4 in my chest, scar tissue stopped that,2 in my inner thighs that I can remember and was not sedated. My Neuro also tried Prednisone 2 or 3 times and it cause me to attack everything, loved ones, relatives friends and any one else that came near. I’m real grateful for IVIG. Now what does IVIG do? This site has the information look around you’ll find it. Not doing any good you say? Look if you are as old as me nothing repairs is self as quick as it did when you were 21. If your Immune system was allowed to keep destroying myelin and or nerve cells for a long time it will take longer to repair. On my 2nd bought I lost my knee reflexes. This happens each time and in-between boughts they slowly regrow,and return. I cannot tell you how fast even a Doc can’t. Its you and the grace of God. So unless you really put forth eating well and pushing yourself to not let muscles atrophy you are not going to be 21 (or 60) again ever.