Reply To: Sensory CIDP?

December 21, 2015 at 5:50 pm

Yea I’m still wobbling (walking). The other day I had my walking stick on the top of my foot and did not know it until I sensed something weird and looked down. Fortunately I am not alone. I married a lot better then she did. The light of my life is also a retired RN. She can help me deal with Dr other then the Neuro. The other Dr’s just don’t believe you when you tell them something. What I get is oh we’ll run xx test(s) so we can rule out this and that. We say Guys that is not the problem just provide the meds I need as I needed before this specific bout. Sometimes I feel like all Dr do is treat the best they can with the most the can. If you are outside the norm they are become remote and want to test, test without a reasonable reason the then “rule this out”.
I know about that out of $ stuff. Last year I went through the procedure to get my Mom on State Medicaid. I had to prove she was out of money and show them a lot of bills. She owed over $20,000.00 by that time. It is especially difficult when you are managing her remaining $ with out the courts involvement. It became a matter of who the heck are you saying she is broke or qualified. I had a lot of paper work to find, understand, prepare, meet dead lines,validate and a legal Trust to write. One of the last things I had to do was talk to the States advocate for indigent persons. She acted like I was not the person doing this as I did not have the proper pettigree (sp).