Reply To: Sensory CIDP?

December 20, 2015 at 3:01 pm

Yea I go for the second second for this year. My GBS(CIDP) has never come above my waist except the eye and BP control in the nerve bundle. So I guess i’m lucky but this is the tenth time it has struck me in 31 years. I met some one earlier this year who has not had it as long as I have but all of his muscles have atrophied a lot. Example my biceps is still almost 14 in (ah)but there is no loose meat there at all. Other muscles are about the same as before this stuff. I maybe have lost 5% but I’m also 73 years old. My height has decreased by about 1 1/2 in was 6-4 now 62 1/2″. So Im thankful but the repeated loosing of feet, leg ability to move around is getting old. There are other things like nerves firing at random,lose of balance, inconsistent eye control (seeing double). Loss of reflects below my waist. I’m on a roller-coaster with the BP, 2 stroke also in the last 5 years. I recover some what and now that we have IvIg I don’t have the dreaded Hospital infections from PP or the aggressiveness that Prednisone causes.I’m running on but I think exercise between the boughts have helped me recover each time. Another but, cancer survivor, falls broken bones,and my brains full up slow down it seems like it will get me.