Reply To: a CIDP patient with eyes problems

December 3, 2015 at 2:46 pm

I have been diagnosed with CIDP since 2006. January of 2015 I woke up one morning and the entire lower half of my left eye was black. I could not see through it at all. Went to the doctors, numerous blood tests, numerous Rheumatology visits and numerous eye doctor visit later they said I had sculcolitis. I had not been on any of my CIDP medications, so they put me back on cellcept. After taking the Cellcept for approximately two and a half months I noticed an improvement in my vision around August 2015. The blacked out portion of my left eye is now in the far right hand corner barely noticeable. The sculcolitis has gone away however they said that I had a mini stroke in the my eye which is created this black spot. Every doctor I saw including University of Washington eye specialists said that CIDP was to blame.