Reply To: Severe Tremor

November 2, 2015 at 5:22 pm

Hi guys I’m Jim. In reference to tremor. One of the reasons why I started seeing a neurologist was numbness and tremor. My PCP was worried about MS. After all of the testing and ruling out she diagnosed me with CIDP. After almost a year the tremor is still there and the numbness is working its way up my lower leg from my feet. Up and down stairs is very wobbly. Spasms in my legs. Numbness in my hands and spasms in my upper arm near my shoulder. We did a lumbar puncture two weeks ago and started lowering prednisone. Down to 35 mgs and still on 600gabapentin 3 times daily. I can’t take the side effects enough. I’m still in chronic pain chronic fatigue and having swallowing problems. We will be talking about ivig treatments this week. It’s been a long year but I try to keep pushing forward. Not only do I have CIDP but I also have COPD and I’m several meds for blood pressure and bipolar disorder. I just got rid of a 7 mm kidneystone a couple off weeks ago for icing on the cake. I’m considering medical marijuana as both my therapist and my neurologist mentioned it. My neurologist can’t prescribe it but she can send me to a doctor who can. It’s now legal for prescription in Connecticut and the dispensaries hire professionals that specialize in suggestions of proper strains for specific symptoms. I’m getting to the point where I will try anything to feel better. I really don’t want to use opiates for pain or benzos for sleep. They are much harder to come off of especially the benzos which can cause seizures. Anyway sorry for babbling. Keeping everyone in my prayers for more good days than bad.