Reply To: Severe Tremor

October 29, 2015 at 12:50 pm


Tell her not to lose hope. You never know in this world. Years ago I was worried about MAYBE having a serious disease, and I went out in the parking lot and got hit by a Strohman’s bread truck. (Not hurt, just knocked down.) I decided to never worry about tomorrow.

When I first got CIDP, I started IVIG and was getting better (just a little, but every bit it helps) … legs felt stronger and the shaking got better and I wrote a little bit, and then I got the flu. I was in bed for 9 days and all my progress disappeared. I was so depressed. But my neurologist was supportive, and I’m working on getting it back. Somedays I can walk up and down unsupported by my bed, some days I go down like a rock.

Tell your mother I will put her on my prayer beads for her shacking to improve. One thing I’ve found is to not concentrate on the shaking, but focus on the INTENTION of what you are doing……i..e. think “reach for faucet….turn on water….etc.” That helps get the movement done.

Let us know how she is doing.