Reply To: Sensory CIDP?

October 29, 2015 at 11:39 am


WOW thanks a lot. Very good article.

I was given high doses of prednisone for 5 months when I was in the hospital, and I went seriously downhill fast. Since then I have found articles on that say steroids cause sensory CIDP to deteriorate. I’m now only on IVIG.

What’s the difference between Myelin and Axons? This stuff us all greek to me.

I am being followed by the best teaching hospital in the state, so I feel I’m in good hands. At my last check-up they said I had improvement in strength, but no change in sensory. At my next check (every 3 month) I am scheduled to have a skin biopsy done. What is this for, do you know?

So, is there any hope for repairing for some of the damage? My God, I I was riding motorcycles and 7 huge horses a day, and now I’m in a wheelchair. I can’t believe this!

How are you doing? Do you have your story on the forum someplace?