Reply To: Father with Axonal GBS- No change after 3+ months

October 25, 2015 at 12:02 am

I never heard of the second device. That does sound painful. It is necessary to stretch the atrophied muscles and tendons during rehab, but in my case it was all done by a physical therapist by hand. It cannot be done quickly but is done by regular treatment over a period of weeks. There must be some pain involved, but a good therapist will find the point at which there is enough pain to indicate that some good is being done, but not too much to be easily bearable. My therapist was very good at this and I would give her feedback to tell her she could move it a little more.

Unfortunately, the Achilles tendon can be a real problem if foot drop is not attended to in time. I wore special boots called “splints” to counteract the foot drop and would also put my feet against the foot of the bed to hold them up when not wearing the splints.