Reply To: Searching for answers – 10yr old son

October 7, 2015 at 11:13 pm

Nicole, I’m so sorry to hear your son may be afflicted with some form of peripheral neuropathy (PN). You posted under the CIDP forum which tells me you suspect CIDP or a related condition.

There are specific tests that help confirm the presence of CIDP and some other PN’s. I suggest you read the following to help you better understand this disease and to continue to advocate help for your son:

Here is a guide with tips for caring for a child with PN:

An MRI will do little if CIDP is involved. Please look into a spinal fluid test and nerve conduction/velocity test (NCS or NVS). There are other tests too (suggested in the links above) that may be used to help confirm/deny the presence of a PN condition such as CIDP.

I wish you and your family, especially your son, the very best and quickest recovery possible.