Reply To: New to the GBS community with questions

September 30, 2015 at 3:47 pm

I also had the strange feeling of walking on marbles or pockets of air. It went away first but after about 3-5 weeks for me. I would have moments where it felt like it was getting better and then it was just kidding and came back. It seemed to start with my legs and up my body, then when it was going away it used the same path.

The first few months were hard on my mind. It played a lot of tricks on me. If it was dark or I couldn’t see my limbs, my mind would make me think they are positioned in a way they were not. Sometimes when I was resting, it would make me feel like I was all twisted, but when I look down my body was just laying there like normal.

I just wish I was one of the stories that I got better after a few months. After 5 years, I still have the chest tightening feeling, muscle weakness when being active, and numbness in my arms and hands.