Reply To: GBS Recovery – Residuals, Sensitivities and possible CIDP?

September 12, 2015 at 9:50 am

Wow, you’ve described all the things I’ve been going through! Although I’m not qualified to answer any of your questions I can say I don’t think there is any one pattern in this “syndrome” whether it is GBS or CIPD. My treatment was delayed as well (they originally back in Sept.2014 found a herniated disc in my neck and I now have a titanium brace in my neck) so I was not treated with IVIG until December 2014. I am now getting IVIG in home every six weeks. Because of the delay my neurologist says my recovery will take much longer, up to 3 years. I would suggest you make sure you have enough b vitamins, magnesium and vitamin d in your system as these are very important for nerve health. I took a walk on the beach yesterday and every day I feel good I try and push myself a bit. I am grateful for this forum which allows me to connect with all of you. Good Luck1