Reply To: Help! Hubby has GBS symptoms post infection. Does this sound like GBS?

September 5, 2015 at 6:54 pm

I have a positive ANA, and I’m borderline for anti-ssb only — all the other antibodies on the panel were negative. Anti-ssb is the partner of anti-ssa — when only ssb is positive, especially at such a low level, and since I don’t have dry mouth, dry eyes, or lack of saliva the rheumatologist said I didn’t have Sjogren’s

Since I’ve been floating around the internet for a year trying to figure out what’s wrong I always notice when someone mentions ‘parotitis” because it was so odd and I felt initially everything that happened afterwards was connected to that somehow. I agree it can be an attack on the immune system but there has to be some sort of pre-existing event that kicks it off.

I’ve been wondering if I somehow ran into EV-D68, the virus that was paralyzing kids in the news starting in October last year.

If it is an autoimmune disorder ( I think mine is, just no idea what it is yet) then alternative/functional medicine advises to first get digestion under control. Horrible digestion is really miserable and getting it in check can only improve quality of life even if doesn’t solve everything.

Good luck to you and your husband.