Reply To: Help! Hubby has GBS symptoms post infection. Does this sound like GBS?

September 3, 2015 at 2:16 am

Hi Alogstrom,
Thanks for your story. You’re so lucky to have been diagnosed so quickly! My husband seems to walk okay, but shuffles a little sometimes. This constipation has been brutal. We went to the ER this morning and were sent home with colonoscopy prep so he could go to the bathroom. It’s been all day and still no poop! His stomach is making sounds now, so maybe there is hope. He is seeing Arthritis Northwest on Friday. I hope they have the ability to diagnose him. We live in Spokane, so we are not too far from the University—-5 hours.

Isn’t it amazing how they blame stress when they don’t have a clue? I went for a year and a half with moderate central stenosis and a pinched nerve on C5/6 and could not get anyone to help me. Two neurosurgeons told me it was not my neck. They treated me like a drug addict or drug seeker. No one would help me. Finally, I got to the right person and had surgery. I am now recovering. It’s been almost 3 years in total from the time of my injury. Three years gone because doctors would not listen to a middle aged woman with extra weight. Men do get better care and are taken more seriously.

The ER doctor acknowledged GB, and said many bacteria and viruses can set the nervous system off. my husband may have sarcoidosis rather than GB. Sjogrens is also a possibility. All have symptoms similar to his. He doesn’t have the paralysis of GB. So who knows? Maybe with more time he would? I don’t know. Baffled.