Reply To: New with questions

September 1, 2015 at 3:28 pm

Hi, I got diagnosed with CIDP last year and started IVIG in August. Frequency now every 3 weeks. I get some brain swelling at high altitude with CIDP, and take Diamox for that. I also have RA. Right foot is more nimb lately and is spreading up to mod leg area. Last physical exam one month ago showed worsening bilateral leg weakness. I have trouble getting out of a recliner. Started PT yesterday. Getting anxious as I don’t know the worst case scenario. Does this cound like chronic progressive CIDP? I can’t have autologous stem cell transplant until I get stronger, and rven then, how does the house cleaning get done to ensure a clean environment? I sense I am worse, and I called the doctor to ask for a new EMG/NCS.