Reply To: Hospital change and unknown Neurologist

August 14, 2015 at 11:33 am

Sorry to hear about this trouble. Depending on the out of pocket costs to you, getting another ‘opinion’ is a good idea.

No, it is not unusual at all for different doctors to run all new tests. It happened to me everywhere I went. And, I went to multiple major medical centers where, yes, they always ran ‘new’ tests.

Further, in two instances the Chief Neurologists disagreed over the proper diagnosis for identical findings.

Please do not knee-jerk react and quit IVIG. IVIG is one of the primary treatments for CIDP. It is possible to have ‘weird’ variants of CIDP. In some cases the disease does spontaneously go into remission, meaning you will probably feel better. However, relapsing-remitting and just plain old goes on and on variants also exist.

Please do not discard the benefit proper treatment will give you.

In the USA if a doctor does not have ‘privileges’ at a Hospital they are usually not allowed to practice there.

Further, there are have been some cases in the history of this site where the original CIDP diagnosis was later found to not be accurate.

Don’t make the mistake of putting any one doctor up on a pedestal or holding onto a single diagnosis for dear life. After all, the doctor you respect may be wrong.