Reply To: Metal toxicity

July 15, 2015 at 9:31 pm

azgold, I disagree. The recommendation of the CDC is that a history of GBS shortly after Receiving a flu shot is a precaution, not a contraindication. That means that one should consider the risks and benefits. For those whose GBS did not follow very soon after a flu shot, there is no precaution.

I am classified as CIDP, but my case resembles GBS more than typical CIDP in some respects. I had never had a flu shot before deloping CIDP, so there is no question that the flu shot was not a factor. Since recovering (mostly) from CIDP, I have started getting annual flu shots. I do this because my age puts me in a higher risk category, and because since being seriously ill I am now more aware of health issues. Because I was immune-compromised (due to taking Cellcept) and because of my age, I take the high-dosage flu vaccine every year. I have had no side effects from the vaccine. The flu vaccinne does not cause GBS (or CIDP). The incidence of these disorders is the same for people who are vaccinated and those who are not.