Reply To: medical marijauna

July 3, 2015 at 2:48 am

So… I end up in Washington State staying a week with a medical marijuana grower. The man is licensed and has the legal limit of 45 mature budding strains of cannabis in production. His operation is professional and his product undergoes rigorous inspection by the state liquor board. It is all out in the open and completely devoid of the criminal element so many people associate with cannabis. I was SO impressed at the professionalism Washington State mandates for all aspects of the business.

Many industrial areas that have fallen on hard times in both Tacoma and Seattle, and are now, according to him, being rejuvenating with large grower operations and distribution points. This is also known as job creation and therefore tax revenues.

Bottom line: medical cannabis works for CIDP, but one has to be tuned in to the specifics of cannabis as they apply to your unique situation. I also discovered that in Washington State cannabis is no big deal. I thought I’d see crazy pot heads everywhere, but it just ain’t so.

I experimented with various strains of sativa and indica. I ingested cannabis using various delivery methods: pipe, vaporizer, water pipe, concentrated oil and edible forms.

Indica strains made me very lazy, somewhat stupid and had NO euphoric effect. Stativa strains gave me energetic mental processes, some euphoric insights and muscle relaxation. Sativa strains are recommended for CIDP in Europe, where it is legal medication by medical prescribers

As to pain & pot, which is the reason I undertook this exploration: 1)-definite energizing feeling throughout my body for 6 hours with statvia strains 2)- plus, relaxation of peripheral never symptoms. 3)- and because I was occupied with the energizing effects of high CN2 strains, I paid less attention to disabilities and felt more creative. I am a writer/musician by profession.

The one thing that was very apparent was my weakness in hands, hips and legs. The psychoactive qualities of stativa, combined with the relaxation qualities of indica (CN1/CN2 ratios) made me realize that I was denying obvious weakness. My weakness is very apparent to others, and yet I do everything I can to hide it… A very stupid thing, caused by vanity, self-denial and inflated self-image.

Anyway, because of this bit of self awareness, brought about by the combination cannabis strains, I will no long rely solely on a cane, but move to a walker and wheelchair when necessary. I am constantly on the verge of falling, but because of my great muscle build I can usually catch myself, but I now understand that it makes loved ones and friends very nervous.

I’ve concluded that if I can work with a knowledgeable grower, here in Hawaii, who understands the varieties, the strains, the concentrations, etc. I can then supplement my neurologist prescribed pain meds with my oncologist prescribed cannabis to cover all areas of my very complex pain situation regarding CIDP and some diabetic complications.

BTW- my friend has used prescribed cannabis for lung/ breathing problems for 8 years, and only at bed time. He is 81 years old.