Reply To: ivig goal–to induce remission or longterm?

June 24, 2015 at 8:28 pm

After I watched this I went in search of some answers over the very topic of why people might need IVIG for so long. With this Dr., himself saying the CIDP was in our Bone Marrow, Spleen , Lymph Nodes, Thymus..I questioned the magic of IVIG’s ability to rid these extremely important parts of our bodies so quickly. In my research and in my opinion only because I am not a doctor..I found when researching other reasons that IVIG is used..some of our bodies have a defect in producing antibodies..thus rendering us susceptible to multiple autoimmune diseases. With that being said..once you stop the IVIG’s delivery of the good antibodies..our bodies will then again produce the defective ones, thus causing us to need the constant supply of the good antibodies. Again this is my research and my opinion!