Reply To: B-12 deficiency & CIDP

May 28, 2015 at 8:21 am

Update 5/28/2015… Still continuing with plasmapheresis treatments however my neurologist has me scheduled for 1 treatment every 5/6 weeks (so far I’ve stuck to the every 5 weeks treatment schedule. The CIDP flare up between treatments led me to journal initially. Flare up symptoms: flu like symptoms; headaches; burning lips fingers and toes; numbness in fingers and toes; weakness/fatigue; twitching in legs; pain in feet; metallic/flint smell. Noted some diminished motor function in right leg, affected gait imperceptible to anyone but me. However, it seems my body is tolerating the new treatment schedule better with time. The neurologist says if I tolerate the 1/6 weeks schedule, he’ll pronounce me “in remission” and stop the treatments altogether. I’m skeptical because of the flare ups, but hopeful. The new treatment schedule is more convenient for my schedule and much less expensive.

I continue to work; I’m on a 4-10 work schedule which also is convenient for treatments.

Personal note: toured China in April (amazing trip). Expecting 1st grandbaby in July (granddaughter). Just finished teaching Community Bible Study’s 1st and 2nd Corinthians study; breaking for the summer; I’ll start teaching CBS’s “return to Jerusalem” study in September.

I pray for God’s healing for you all.