Reply To: An update on Emily…a long time coming

May 1, 2015 at 11:53 pm

Kelly and Emily,
Thanks for sharing your wonderful success. I’m sure, Kelly, that lifting the burden the syndrome brings to the whole family is something that you only dreamed of, and now your dream is real. Emily, as someone who also has been able to go off treatment, isn’t it great to be free of all of the daily hassle—you know, like a cloud of gnats flying around—the syndrome brings? Which of course pales in comparison to being free of infusions, and blood tests, and wondering how you were going to get your homework (in my case, my job) done (and not even caring sometimes, which is scarier still). Which pales in comparison to just knowing that, at least for now, you can be the best you can be at anything you want, rather than held back by some dumb syndrome.

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