Reply To: Pain?

April 20, 2015 at 10:22 am

Hello I too have so much pain , had GBS also CIDP but I have multiple other things as well . Fibromyalgia, bulging discs {MVA} Barretts Esophagus ,Lupus . I have recently had to go to a new Dr as mine retired . I was sent to pain mang . I have never been treated so badly with no compassion at all . I left there feeling hopeless , and Iam just stuck not quite knowing what to do or where to turn next . Does anyone know of a good Dr in the Cleveland area ? Beford ? By the way this Dr Hayek please don’t go there you will be treated like you just don’t matter so sad . Iam so Thankful for this site !! I don’t want to bash Drs that’s not what Iam here for as I have had some of the Best , Neros, Pt Ot , everyone at the rehab where I learned to walk ,feed self , dress ect . Iam Blessed and Grateful . Just hoping to walk into this next chapter of my life gracefuly, and hopeful . I take Lyrica , was taking Soma , also vicidon , just started Cymbalta {hopeful !!} Thanks everyone !!!! And May God Bless you All P.s. Ive had 3 series of I.V.I.G as I relapsed Iam 3 years out