Reply To: Abdominal spasms

April 7, 2015 at 12:29 am

Man, I don’t know. First advice! If you haven’t I would recommend going to a Major US City’s University based Medical Center, if you haven’t already. From my experience I had 3 MRI’s and on the last one (Cervical) they found Stenosis, I had issues with loose bowels, severe chest and center back pains, extreme shortness of breath, severe limp and complete left leg and left body weakness and numbness on my feet.

The Surgery (C5 & C6 ACDF) resolved virtually all issues with the exception of the numbness on my feet and it appears to be much better now. All the Neurologist attribute it to the IVIG, but from my point of view the IVIG did little or nothing and am stopping it after 4 more infusions. Just to see what transpires. I have noticed that my emotional state, seems to control my neuropathy. If I become upset or angry it inflames my feet. Calm and rested everything is fine. You might find yourself creating your own downward spiral as I had.