Reply To: Urgent. GBS misdiagnosis

April 4, 2015 at 9:22 am

I am so very sorry to hear about Richard’s passing and what you have been going through. I’m afraid that I have no words of enlightenment for you. It sounds like the hospital was quick to dismiss him but I am no doctor and really shouldn’t judge that. As GH pointed out, medical professionals aren’t perfect and they don’t like to lose patients but still, Richard’s case sounds tragic. It may be cliche but the good news is, of course, is that he is no longer struggling and suffering.

My heart goes out to you. I hope that you are able to find solace somehow. As long as you remember Richard with love, he will live on through you. I know that sounds corny but I believe it. You’ll remember the good stuff, talk about him – share him with others. Over time, the pain will lessen but you will never forget him, no matter what or who comes into your life.

Take care.