Reply To: Switching From Gabapentin

February 12, 2015 at 10:38 pm

I weened myself off Lyrica/gabapentin, endured a rough first couple of days and didn’t take anything to replace it. Kept using the Voltaren (not on my face of course) and when necessary, popped a couple of Tylenol or ibuprofen. I did this ten months after getting GBS because my goal was to get myself off everything. I hate taking pills, plus I’m stubborn. 🙂

My CCAC occupational therapist told me to briskly rub the affected area(s), or expose them to different textures/temps, etc. That was supposed to stimulate and condition the nerves somehow. I can’t say how much it helped, as I worked hard at returning to ‘normal’ at the same time over the past three years. But hey, as my mother used to say…can’t hurt, might help.

A registered massage therapist told me to apply heat to my face (one of my lingering problem areas) but that didn’t help at all.

I picked up a tip here in this forum that Alpha Lipoic Acid was helpful for the nerve damage but it didn’t work for me, just upset my stomach, unfortunately.

Sorry, Hedley, I know that’s not exactly what you asked, just wanted to give you a different perspective.