Reply To: Ability to Work with CIDP

February 11, 2015 at 7:46 pm

In my case there was no choice to continue working. I was forced to retire after becoming paralyzed within 10 days. I remember wanting to contact my clients to tell them I was in the hostpital, but I couldn’t speak or use my hands to dial or type for over a year. Prior to that I flew about 110 segments per year for my work (business consulting). Now when I fly I don’t look forward to the experience. I have to do my liquid starvation thing before flying because most planes do not have an aisle chair accessible wash room. Some that do don’t have willing attendants to get the aisle chair out and take you there (American Airlines is the worst). During my last trip in November, they broke my wheelchair twice, once while going to my destination, then broke another part on my return. The red tape involved in filing a complaint is quite annoying and they make a wheelchair-bound paraplegic wait in line like everyone else.