Reply To: CIDP vs psycogentic parathesis

January 22, 2015 at 4:13 pm

Thank you for your replies. I don’t believe the Doctors either, I don’t think anyone would ever choose to feel this way. I am trying to get to UCLA but unfortunely my ins is giving me a hard time because they are not in network and the neurologist I have seen believe it’s in my head. I understand that I should have continue neuropathy in my legs even after the active phase but my Doctor’s keep saying what I am experiencing is not normal for CIDP that is can not come and go so quickly. They want me to see a psych Dr. I am willing to try anything I can keep living this way because when I am good it is so much better I just want it to stay that way. I know there has to be something that will help me I just wish I could find a Dr. that know what they are talking about and that will help me. Before 2011 I hadn’t been to the dr. in 10yrs I don’t like going unless I have to and I hate taking meds so none of this is making any since to me or my family. It is really hard because I am a mother of 5 kids and I work a fulltime job I used to be on my feet for a min of 11 hours a day taking care of people myself so this is really hard to have to be taken of myself. Midlance I would really like to know who you see I am in the LA area would you please e-mail ( so we can talk I would love to speak with you. Thanks again for listening to me I just don’t know or where to go from here. Just looking for answer and a treatment that keeps me going.