Reply To: memory

November 28, 2014 at 8:45 pm

My memory was horrible for a while. Much of the time, I couldn’t even remember simple words or what some things were called. It’s much improved now but it still isn’t back to where it was and I took myself off all meds two years ago, so it isn’t med related memory issues.

I think the explanation may be fairly simple. When GBS hits and destroys the myelin, it cuts off communication between the body and the brain. Hence the paralysis. Nerve regeneration only happens at an average rate of 1″ per month, so if you had a severe case, it can take a long time to get fully ‘hooked up’ again. And of course, there’s always a chance that some things aren’t going to reconnect, or not in the same way. That’s just my personal theory, though. I’ve nothing to back that up, really. Doctors told me that GBS doesn’t effect the brain. Well not directly but it certainly does effect the nerves going to it.

In MACKAY1’s case though, it’s been 18 years, plus s/he is still taking meds, so it certainly wouldn’t hurt to look at what the Neurontin might be doing to him/her. In an effort to feel better and clearer, it’s probably worth at least looking into.