Reply To: MFS 11 years ago, chronic fever-like discomfort, any relationship?

November 13, 2014 at 12:36 am

When you originally posted here I was still unable to use a computer thanks to my GBS/CIDP/MFS. I too still have residuals from my attack in 2008.

Kaiser doesn’t have a good reputation for treating our disease. I heard that here on this forum and live at the last CIDP Foundation event in Los Angeles where Dr Richard Lewis was guest speaker. A Kaiser patient asked Dr Lewis about taking in Kaiser patients and he told the person to contact him to see if they could work out a special payment arrangement. Dr Lewis is at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. There are a number of other centers of excellence around the world and maybe one could work for you. Please see the list here: It might be worth some extra bucks to get a second opinion.

The only Kaiser facility that I have heard might have good GBS and other neuromuscular coverage is the one in Downey, CA. Where do you live?