Reply To: Facial Nerve Paralysis

November 10, 2014 at 5:10 pm

Sometimes when the face is involved like you have described, the variant of Miller Fisher Syndrome (MFS) is present. That is what happened in my case.

I got GBS in 2008 and it became CIDP/MFS a couple months later. I couldn’t smile, close my eyelid, speak properly, chew food, and had numbness all over my face. It took over a year for most of that to go away, and I’m probably 95% back to normal today.

Plasma Exchange (PE) helped my face the most. Others have reported that IVIg worked better for them (didn’t do much for me). What treatment options have you been using?

Recovery varies by individual and some have reported complete recoveries within 6 months. Then there are others who have had much less recovery than me. I hope your recovery is quick and complete!