Reply To: Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine?

October 20, 2014 at 8:37 pm

If you are willing to concede that GBS and CIDP are conditions which are closely enough related for the answer to be relevant, then here is the answer.

Yes, I went to China (back in 2000-2009, so maybe things have changed) where I sought treatment and opinions. Yes, I was studied and poked and prodded at more than one major Chinese (Western) University Teaching Hospital and at one or two, or more, TCM Hospitals. Result? “Yes, we know of cases such as yours. Deadly? No. Progressive? Usually. Treatment? none! Well, you might try IVIG.”

Not a single one of these doctors in China offered acupuncture or herbals or any kind of treatment other than “Try IVIG.”

As for B-Vitamins- It might be considered well known that B-Vitamins are sometimes considered for nerve trouble. For example, From WebMD: “Nutritional deficiencies. Deficiencies of certain nutrients, including vitamins B6 and B12, may produce symptoms of nerve pain and nerve damage, including weakness or burning sensations. Nutritional deficiencies that cause nerve damage may also result from excessive alcohol ingestion or develop after gastric surgery.”

I am not aware of any reliable source stating supplementation with B-vitamins for the damage caused by either GBS or CIDP was successful. However, my family doctor once said- “Try a B-complex.”

If your neurologist has stated that you have axonal damage, you may no longer be in the GBS acute phase of disease. You may have moved on to the more chronic CIDP phase. Axonal damage should sound loud, alarm sirens for a fast, effective treatment. Not the months or years provided by a herbal solution. Muscle wasted due to axonal damage is probablyy muscle lost which will likely never recover.

Let “us” know how your TCM, including acupuncture, work out.