Reply To: Autonomic Nervous System

September 23, 2014 at 3:37 am

I recently read that in 85% of cases the cranial nerves are involved to some extent. Do some research and lots of digging into the 10th cranial nerve and the effects it has on the body. I still have no gag reflex, still have problems swallowing and sometimes clearing my throat, digestive issues, heart palpitations, up and down blood pressure, body temp that has dropped as low as 93.9 in a warm house while dressed comfortably, other times I will start sweating even if the weather is cool, get hiccups sometimes just by changing position in bed. Anyhow, read up on the autonomic system problems with GBS and the different cranial nerves.

I got hit in 06. Have recently been Dx’ed with seronegative RA, non-allergic rhinitis, Dx’ed with fibro and chronic fatigue 2 years after onset. I was told the GBS did a job on my system and my system is still reacting inappropriately. Still get muscle weakness without warning, numb patches, tingling, electric type shocks all over, blurred vision that comes and goes, trembling in my hands (horrible hand writing now), muscle cramps, twitching…long list sorry.