Reply To: Urgent. GBS misdiagnosis

September 14, 2014 at 8:34 pm

Only neurologisys can diagnose GBS — you can’t get a better diagnosis here. If they believe it is GBS, they must have some reason for it. Did he have the spinal fluid test? Was it consistent with GBS?

If the doctors are unsure of the diagnosis, this is not unusual. Neuropathies are difficult to diagnose, as there is a lot of variation. That he has not yet responded to the plasma exchange treatments does not mean that it is not GBS. Recovery from GBS takes much longer than its development, and if this is GBS it is a severe case.

I have not heard of symptoms of vomiting and organ failure being associated with GBS, so it is understandable that the doctors are considering other possibilities. Have they considered pousoning?

If it is GBS, it is possible that a reasonably good recovery can be made from complete paralysis. But it also possible for GBS to be fatal. If it is not GBS, or if it is GBS with something else, then who knows? The doctors must try to figure it out, possibly with the assistance of consulting specialists.

I advise you knot to make demands of the doctors or the hospital. You are not in a position to be making demands, which will not help anyway. I suggest you ask them whether they have consulted with outside specialists to help with the diagnosis.