Reply To: GBS and Stress

September 5, 2014 at 1:23 am

GBS is almost certainly triggered by an infecting agent. The disorder is an autoimmune response to the infection, but a particular infecting agent causes GBS in only a small percentage of persons infected. Generally the infecting agent is not known, although Campylobacter jejuni is known to be linked to GBS. Most cases are ideopathic (cause unknown). Neorologists ask patients about their recent history anyway because they are curious, not because the cause can be determined that way. When there is a cluster of cases with a shared history, and when an infecting agent can be identified after the onset of GBS symptoms, then a link can be shown. That is whi C. Jejuni is known to be linked.

Being healthy and rarely getting sick has nothing to do with it because it is the immune system itself causing the problem, not the infecting agent.

“Stress” doesn’t mean anything. It explains nothing.