Reply To: GBS and Stress

September 4, 2014 at 9:19 am

I know this is a old post but hopefully there is bit more clarity as to stress relation to GBS.

A few years back i was diagnosed with GBS but during the diagnosing process i was asked a few questions regarding my health in order to determine cause.
Even though i was in perfect health at the time as i almost never get sick i was still diagnose with GBS but cause unknown.
Back then i was asking the question can stress cause GBS but with no clear answer.
The reason i suspected stress is due to the event 7 days prior to my complete paralyzed state.
about 7 days before i was completely paralyzed i was walking home from a friend and i was feeling very good and fit as i was walking every day about 20 Km to get to my half day job as a decent work for a white male is rare to find in my country due to BEE policies. On my way home It was the moment where all my senses went on hyper mode when i saw a suspicious pickup truck stopping at a green light. So i decided to change route but the truck chased me down and the gangsters jumped in front of me with their knifes trying to provoke me to try to resist however i did what any one who is out numbered 5 to 1 should do so i ran as fast as i could that the speed i was running even scared me. I outran them and their truck until i found safety at a security guy. As i was running the only thing explaining me to run at a speed that scares me was a flood of adrenaline in my system.After this stressful incident i started to feel fatigue but i thought at first it was due to my over worked muscles due to the incident.during the next 7 days i started to grow weaker by the day until at day 7 i collapsed as i enter the hospital completely paralyzed. So I really think that stress of this incident triggered GBS in some way but maybe there is someone out there who has it more info regarding stress and GBS.

I am now 35, and The reason i need to know for sure is because i work in a environment where people get drunk every day and likes to provoke people. Although i recovered from GBS i still have side effects of which is the following:
When i get stressed or worked up i feel as if experience some weakness but later goes away
When i get angry i shiver uncontrollably making my legs feel weak
when i get over joyed or something i get nerve pains running through my hands.
When i get romantic exited i shiver uncontrollably as if i cold.

I don’t want to have a relapse if activities like stress or adrenaline spikes can trigger GBS

Any light on this topic would be appreciated

thanks Evert