Reply To: Does anyone deal with Cronic muscle pain, fatiuge and Limited activies?

August 29, 2014 at 9:53 pm

I am so glad we found each other through this site. I’ve been shopping so my legs are weak. I just wanted you to know I will think of all the questions to ask him. Basically me new neuro wanted a history from doctors since and during the GBS, which sounds strange to me and I’m going to check before my visit.As probably with all of us, my records are the size of a large novel You know the saying “through sickness and in health” about marriage ? This is your sickness, and I know for some women( it’s the mother instinct ) we hate for anyone else to take care of our kids. If a neighbor or friend says what can I do , let your answer be”could you just even watch one of the kids for an hour”? People sometimes say can I help , just to be nice, but the sincere ones you will recognize from your heart. Til tomorrow, try and sleep even an hour later.