Reply To: Does anyone deal with Cronic muscle pain, fatiuge and Limited activies?

August 29, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Thank you both for your responses, i cant tell you how good it feels to talk to someone who knows exactly what ive been through. Im sorry Barbra that you have had it for the 5 time! I cannot even imagine. And MACKAY 1 I know what you mean about researching CIDP, Ive done the same thing because I keep getting people telling me that I should be fully recovered which is frustrating considering I struggle daily with pain and weakness to the point where my husband has to work from home and take sick days to help with the kids because they are at such a young age they need everything done for them. It is so hard to climb stairs or squat or anything else that involves my legs and arms. Like holding my son for too long i feel weak. I dont mean to complain, but im 28 yrs old and people in my life just dont understand, they know what ive been through but all they see now is me not in a wheel chair or having to be in the hospital so they think im fine. But little do they know that EVERY single day of my life is a battle and a struggle, to not fall into a deep depression or allow my pain to take me over. I am finally seeing another Neurologist because my last one told me that I should be fine now and acts annoyed with me. Ive had the Doctors tell me I was a hypochondriac. So i havent seen this one yet but im hoping that this one will not have a God complex and KNow more about this disease instead of googling it! Do you have any suggestions on what types of things i need to talk with the Doc about? Im new to this and most docs havnt known much and have just passed me on to the next.