Reply To: GBS Recovery for a 2 year old

July 29, 2014 at 5:23 pm

Hi Amber – I am sorry I hadn’t seen your message until now. I hope that things have improved for Ethan. In regards to Annette’s message above, my son had an occupational therapist who also happened to be a craniosacral practitioner (she did not use craniosacral with him specifically but I think her knowledge of it influenced the therapy she did do with him which was very productive).
I understand how frustrating all of this can be but hang in there. When my son was recovering I couldn’t envision the super energetic 5-year-old dancing around the house that he is now. And remember that you know your child better than anyone so if you have a gut feeling about something go with it, you are probably right!
Please let us know how Ethan is doing –
Best wishes,