Reply To: What blood tests have you done?

July 1, 2014 at 4:41 pm

Literally tons of tests, yet none whose results would change the recommended choice of treatment for CIDP. Refer to the GBS_CIDP webpage for more.

According to one expert you would diagnose as follows:

Diagnostic criteria — There is general agreement that the following criteria support the diagnosis of the classic form of CIDP:

●Progression over at least two months

●Weakness more than sensory symptoms

●Symmetric involvement of arms and legs

●Proximal muscles involved along with distal muscles

●Reduced deep tendon reflexes throughout

●Increased cerebrospinal fluid protein without pleocytosis

●Nerve conduction evidence of a demyelinating neuropathy

●Nerve biopsy evidence of segmental demyelination with or without inflammation

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good luck