Reply To: IVIG treatment for GBS

May 12, 2014 at 2:30 am

IVIg is not effective for everyone, it didn’t help me much and I had better results with Plasma Exchange.

It is not common for IVIg to be given just once when treating GBS. IVIg is usually given in a ‘loading dose’ for GBS where you get it daily for about 5 days. I was given it daily for 10 days and it did little to stop the progression for me. After the loading dose, maintenance doses may be given every 1-2 weeks to keep GBS in check.

IVIg stops your autoimmune system from making more bad antibodies, but does not remove the bad antibodies already released into your system, these can continue to do damage. Plasma Exchange (PE) removes the bad antibodies but does not stop your body from producing more. I think, depending on the severity of individual cases, that treatment should consist of 3 days of PE followed by 5 days of IVIg (or SCIg).

Some info about IVIg can be found here:

GBS usually peaks within 3-6 weeks and recovery begins. Recovery can be fast and pretty complete for some, while others have an incomplete recovery. Residuals can last for years and this varies by individual.

How long do you think you have had the GBS?