Reply To: New to CIDP / Poss from WTC 9-11

May 8, 2014 at 9:10 pm

Jeremy, you have been through a lot and getting a case of CIDP on top of everything else is just not fair!

Although I guess it is plausible, I have not heard of anyone acquiring GBS/CIDP through inhalation alone. There is usually physical contact with some viral infection that triggers the autoimmune system to produce anti-bodies that can attack the infecting virus. When the anti-bodies begin to attack “self”, we have a case of GBS/CIDP. The insulation surrounding our nerves (Myelin) is often what gets attacked thus shorting out nerve signals to/from the brain. The result is weakness, numbness, paralyzation, and sometimes pain.

I’m glad to hear you have responded favorably to IVIg treatment. Since recovery varies for all of us, you are on your way to “your” recovery. I’m hoping you get back most of your abilities.