Reply To: Residuals Question

May 7, 2014 at 9:59 pm

I look at the topic differently than most, Sraw-rats. To me, residuals are effects related to when the neurological system is no longer in the process of recovery. That is, after three years or so. Slow as it may be 2.5 years out, your body is still recovering.

Residuals are GBS-related physiological and psychological effects that prove to be chronic conditions. But at issue is how they interact with other issues not directly related to GBS. For example, I contend with the residual of chronic fatigue, which is exacerbated by my chronic sleep apnia, and now diabetes. So, our residuals are not stand-alone condition, varying as they are.

Once you’ve come to terms that you must contend with residuals of this disease, I encourage you to get into some psycho-therapy. If you cannot return to your previous standard of living, that your lifestyle must adjust to accommodate this chronic condition, it may help your transition into an alternate, healthy lifestyle.

As for the conductivity testing, it is used, along with elevation of proteins in your cerebral spinal fluids, to make a definitive diagnosis. What you’ve described is an indication that your nerve connectivity is not normal. This is especially true if you are experiencing new symptoms.