Reply To: Residuals Question

May 6, 2014 at 11:07 pm

I was hospitalized for GBS in January of 2012. At my nerve conductivity test, I was told that it would take me until January 28, 2015 to be as recovered as I’m ever going to be. I struggle not to be scared of that because of the physically obvious residuals that I still have on the right side of my face and body, along with bouts of pain, spasms, really intense eye pain, fatigue, mental fog/blocks, numbness and anxiety. What if I don’t make it to 100% recovery? That’s my fear.

However, I work at trying not to let that sentence feel like a noose. I try to remain hopeful, listen to my body and keep it moving as normally as possible. It has helped. I’ve also tried therapeutic massage, which worked absolute wonders for my most painful area! It’s expensive though, so haven’t been back. I’ve also started taking lecithin, massage my feet and am eating better than before I got sick. I also want to try alpha-lipoic acid, which was recommended in another thread.

When I’m tired is when most residuals ‘come out to play’.

I’m not convinced that doctors can realistically give us an ‘end date,’ although they managed to scare me with one. I think the body will heal at it’s own pace, in accordance with its ability to do so. Maybe your bouts of leg issues are just slow to heal? Maybe not but you came down with GBS only one month before I did and they’re saying that I am still healing, so why not you, too?